Judge Hora (Ret.) Speaking Up and Improving the Justice System

Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.) has been speaking about Therapeutic Justice wherever she goes and with whomever will listen.  Below find a number of discussions from around the globe where she presents this evidence-based endeavor to change the justice system for the better.

Drug Courts in the 21st Century.

Drug treatment courts are an excellent example of a successful deviation from established practice.  Not only do drug treatment courts introduce new concepts and practices to the legal community, but they do so while protecting the defendants procedural and substantive rights.

Watch as Judge Hora (Ret.) discusses this issue at the U.S. Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand


It is clear that some criminal defendants need to be abstinent to be crime free and it is also necessary that their use or non-use is monitored. This supervision can be by the Probation Department or the court itself as in specialty DWI Courts.

Watch as Judge Hora (Ret.) talks about this important issue.

Drug Treatment Courts:
An International Perspective

Most would agree that the “war on drugs” was a failure that resulted in too many people being incarcerated – mostly people of color.  Now after years of attempting to remedy that situation, our new Attorney General has recently announced policies that are  going to take us backwards.  We can’t go back to the way things were. Drug Treatment Courts are a move forward that successfully changes behavior of the substance dependent offender.

Watch Judge Hora (Ret.) as she discusses the basis of Drug Treatment Courts and why they matter.

Lawyers as Peacemakers Conference

Hon. Justice B.H. Mbha, Judge of the High Court; Hon. Justice Lebotsang Bosielo, Judge of the High Court; Prof. John Faris, Director, Institute for Dispute Resolution in Africa and Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.).

The conference was held in Pretoria, South Africa.

Judge Hora Leading the Way

Judge Hora (Ret.) talks about her path to the bench, and broader options in treatment that led to rapid change in the legal system. Interviews with Cutting Edge Law.

Part One

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Part Four

Improving People's Lives

Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.) is a therapeutic jurisprudence pioneer. Having retired from full-time judging in 2006, she now travels around the world as a teacher and leader in the field.

Unpredictable Growth

Judge Hora (Ret.) talks about the flexibility of the model of problem-solving court and the elements of problem-solving courts and they have expanded exponentially.

A New Way of Thinking

Judge Hora (Ret.) talks about her study which compared the job satisfaction for problem-solving courts and the typical adversarial system.

The Next Challenge

Judge Hora (Ret.) talks about the economic costs of the problems and how problem-solving courts can save communities money and how Drug Court can be the solution for social problems.

Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.) Thinker in Residence

Judge Peggy Fulton Hora is a legal innovator and global leader in the problem-solving courts movement. In this final public lecture as an Adelaide Thinker in Residence Judge Hora (Ret.) presents her recommendations for South Australia with a focus on "Smart Justice."

Introduction by Gabrielle Kelly, Director, Adelaide Thinkers in Residence.

Watch below for Judge Hora's discussion on "Smart Justice" or click on the Smart Justice image to the right to read her report.

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Part Seven

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Part Three

Part Six

Read the report prepared by the Honorable Peggy Hora, (Ret.) on Smart Justice for the Adelaide Thinker in Residence program 2009-2010. (Click on the image.)

Judge Brenda Harbin-Forte salutes Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.)

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Brenda Harbin-Forte was among those introducing retired Judge Peggy Hora, recipient of California Women Lawyers' Rose Bird Memorial Award

Judge Peggy Hora, (Ret.) presenting "Can Compassion be Unethical?" at Non-Adversarial Justice Conference in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Judge Hora's (Ret.) Proudest Professional Accomplishment

A judge in Alameda County for more than two decades, the Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora helped reshape the County courts to be more responsive to emerging problems such as substance abuse. As a lawyer and judge, she was known for an unyielding devotion to fairness.

Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.) with Judge Lisa Tremewan

NZ Nine to Noon Radio Interview

Kathryn Ryan

Kathryn Ryan

Listen to Judge Peggy Hora's (Ret.) interview on the New Zealand radio show "Nine to Noon." From nine to noon every weekday, Kathryn Ryan talks to the people driving the news - in New Zealand and around the world.


Mornings with Steve Austin Radio Interview

Steve Austin

JSI Founder Judge Peggy Hora (Ret.) speaks with Steve Austin on Australian radio - ABC Brisbane. Talking about Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Courts. Her interview starts at 1:37:40. (April ,2 2017)

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