Judge Peggy Fulton Hora (Ret.)
Superior Court, State of California


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Judge Peggy Fulton Hora (Ret.) has been instrumental in building the problem-solving courts movement. Her work in this area has contributed to the creation of a new genre of justicetherapeutic jurisprudence real help and healing for addicts all over the world.
The photo to the right depicts CHP Officer Larry McAllister embracing drug offender Diana Czellecz, while Judge Peggy Hora looks on. Thanks to an innovative program created by Judge Hora, Czellecz didn't go jail. Instead, she received treatment and got her life together. (Photo by Ron Lewis, Courtesy of the Daily Review)

  A selection of Judge Hora's work on therapeutic jurisprudence:
  General information on drug courts: http://www.nadcp.org and http://www.ndci.org
More on therapeutic jurisprudence: http://therapeuticjurisprudence.org
  More on problem-solving courts:  http://www.problem-solvingcourts.org/ps_char.html
  California's Community Justice Project: http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/programs/ccjp
  Elements of a mental health court: http://consensusproject.org/mhcp/essential.elements
  Future trends in the courts: http://www.ncsconline.org/WC/Publications/KIS_CtFutu_Trends05.pdf

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